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We are an exclusive small and medium business focussed software organization. Our objective to deliver intelligent and cost effective solutions that would help the organizations engage with their customers effectively. In our effort to develop cost optimized solutions, we have leveraged Cloud and SAAS which have become the cornerstones of IT engagement of the new era.

We win only when you win
We leverage our deep understanding and experience in Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management systems in large scale operations. With that expertise we provide compact, simple and easy to use solution that would fit small organizations.

We continuously learn
Our continuous interaction with our clients helps us learn practical issues in different geographies and opportunities which helps in building solutions that are intuitive in a high churn environment. We also know the folks in the field need to spend more time meeting customers and less time writing reports.

We understand small business
We recognize the importance of greater ROI to our customerís investment in automation. We apply best-of-breed technologies, rapidly deployable proprietary Frameworks / solutions and flexible engagement models which are built with deep understanding of the criticality of easy user adaption.

We work to win trust
Our regular and transparent communication helps in winning our customer confidence. We donít follow any protocol for users to seek assistance. We are easily accessible to any field staff or their managers directly.

Delivering Sales, Marketing & Distribution Management automation since 2011 across many Countries



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