DELITE is an absolute web based tool for Customer Relationship Management. DELITE covers the entire area of customer-vendor interaction from the level of a complaints to Technical support for addressing complaints.

CRM is an lifeline for growing and strengthening relationships with customers. Growing lasting relationships, along multiple points of contact, has become to be seen as the key to succeed and achieve sustainability.

Help your customer get in touch with you with out waiting on IVRs . Enable device independence.

Provide your customer the benefit of an automatic follow-up process that integrates customer queries and complaints into the CRM's intelligent work flow which segments complaints based on cause.
Use automation to provide swift response

The service support engine determines the competency required to address the issue the algorithm also identifies the technician who is available in the nearest time slot thereby eliminating cumbersome manual procedures of finding the right resource to fix the problem.

Let your customer know instantly the technician and contact information who will call on to resolve the issue.

The procedure of selection of technician is done by a built in decision system algorithm that determines the skill set to address the customer issue and chooses the technician, based on skill set and availability..
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