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PACE DMS provides the breadth and depth of solutions that todayĺsádistributorsáneed to operate and grow their business. Whether a small operation, or a large organization with many distribution locations, PACE DMS offers a solution for all sizes and types of distributors and supports the requirements from Material inward to Sales & Delivery of stock. PACE DMS is built to handle both a single distribution center and a multiple distribution center environment.


Create product list, with multiple attributes. Complete visibility across the purchasing process with reorder levels

Collaborate with suppliers in real time through the Supplier Connect feature. Handle supplier payments efficiently. Minimize stocks and obsolete inventory.


Create differential pricing for wholesaler and retailer. Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and multiple locations.

Track your inventory. Minimize stock outs and obsolete items. Manage multiple warehouses and multiple locations. Visibility to fast moving and slow moving items list at each customer level. Track items by batch numbers. Create efficiency in the fulfilment processes


Engage customers via multiple channels and accept orders via online or direct sales.áKeep track of pending and partially serviced orders.

Receive orders through web orders and direct sales. Gain real-time visibility across all channels on orders, customers, inventory and more. Easily convert orders to invoicing to payment follow up and receipt with automated, built-in processes. Increase revenue and customer lifetime value.


Deliver on time, every time. Generate invoice and acknowledge goods return. Keep track of fast,slow and non-moving goods.

Move stock to sales vans. Accept un sold items from vans at end of day. Prioritize online order delivery to route plans. Handle sales returns, breakages efficiently.


Field Force

Manage complete field force hierarchy at each warehouse center level. Assign van sales and route duties through Sales managers at each location. Leave, payment receipt approvals and promotion materials handling can be controlled by sales managers of respective locations.